We're not your competition.   

We're your competitive advantage. 

Whether you're an HR director with a team of employees or a start-up looking for HR support without the overhead, we're here to work with you. We take a people-first approach to HR, backed by old school experience—we've been at this for over 50 years, after all. We're here to help you navigate your HR pain points to put effective, easy-to-use solutions in place to attract, hire, and retain the best talent in your industry. 

Solve your HR challenges with CHR.

Our goal is to become your strategic partner—to help you navigate your specific HR challenges—and to deliver a comprehensive solution that’s quick to implement and easy to use. Move from one day to day one and turn endless HR tasks into a seamless workflow.


Let's work together!

As a strategic partner, our goal is to work with your teams to make hiring, onboarding, and time management easier than ever before.