About Consolidated Human Resources

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Consolidated Human Resources (“CHR”) provides Payroll and HR Administration services to small and mid-sized businesses across the country. CHR’s business model is based on having dedicated personnel handling each account, so no matter the client size, or type of issue at stake, all clients receive top-level service and can select from the long list of services available. CHR clients no longer require multiple vendors to handle all their employee-related concerns. A client’s payroll, employee benefits, safety / risk management, HR advice from highly-trained professionals, and even unemployment claims (to name a few services) are all consolidated in to one trusted source, making CHR a sensible and economical alternative.

Since 1969, we have been in the business of retaining our clientele by providing the highest level of customer service and support. Each client is recognized individually by their specific needs and treated with the personalized attention they deserve.

CHR’s clients range from small businesses with just a few employees up to mid-size employers with up to 250 employees. The small business client does not have the resources to maintain an HR staff member, but still faces many of the HR challenges as their larger counterparts. CHR offers these clients the “HR Department” they need when issues arise, and at a cost-effective price since CHR charges based on the number of paychecks being issued.

CHR’s larger clients usually have a staff member (or a few) handling HR matters before contracting with CHR, and find that such personnel can now be used to handle revenue-generating functions for the company since they can now outsource the HR functions to CHR for a fraction of the cost. With CHR, clients have instant direct access to an entire team of HR professionals to handle the multitude of HR tasks and provide the necessary on-demand HR guidance without taking up any of the client’s office space.

Whether a client is a small or mid-size employer, both typically choose to outsource certain critical functions such as shipping, office equipment leasing, IT support, and so on. Payroll and HR administration is not any different in that it is necessary to have it handled, and it is more cost-effective to outsource it to specialists rather than handling it in-house.